Lumio is free to use - we are developing a business model that works for all of our stakeholders, so you our customer, our community, our partners and our shareholdersūüėĀ.

Are you ever going to sell my data?

We also know that data is valuable, but that your data is precisely that...your data!  So we're looking at ways that we can make your collective and anonymised data deliver value to you that improve your financial wellbeing.  If we ever do this, we will be absolutely transparent so you know what the plan is - a data sharing model that works for all stakeholders!

How do you make money?

Lumio is your independent  intelligent wealth mentor, so any providers that you can select are based on your personal values, goals and circumstances.  We do our best to bring you the most relevant and exciting providers in Lumio. These providers might offer you better deals with all sorts of smart features.  If you choose to use one of those providers then we’ll get some commission from the provider off the back of that.

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