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Our security procedures
Our security procedures
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We have certified ISO-27001 information security procedures. This is the same certification used by Google, Microsoft and Amazon. It is an internationally recognised standard that sets out the requirements for firms establishing and maintaining a robust information security management system. It also provides assurance that a firm with accreditation has implemented processes and controls that are secure and have been through rigorous audits and assessments. The certification also demonstrates that we as a company have adopted a proactive rather than reactive approach to managing our consumers data security

This means we adopt these processes:

  • A specialist Financial Service compliance team check processes on a monthly basis

  • A comprehensive risk tracker maps information asset risks back to a series of internal controls

  • The principle of least privilege is applied throughout the organisation. This is the limiting of access to the minimal level that will allow normal functioning. Staff have the lowest level of user rights that they can possible have to be able to still perform their tasks

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