Adding you Starling account to Lumio is very quick a straightforward to process.

1. Open you Lumio app

Press the "add account" button ➕ in the top corner of the account screen. Follow the steps till you find the providers page.

Then select Starling Bank and follow the steps.

2. Directed to your Starling app.

Once you hit "Confirm" button you will be redirected to the your Starling app. Here you will have to log in via either your passcode or biometrics.

3. Approve access to request data

Once you've logged into your Starling account, our data aggregation partner Moneyhub will ask for you to approve the data we have requested to read from your accounts (such as your account balance, Direct Debit mandates, bank account details and address history). 

Scroll down and then select 'Approve'.

You are all set!

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