Your credentials

Lumio  doesn't store your credentials. This means that your financial accounts cannot be breached through Lumio at any point in time, even if our servers get compromised.

At this time, for the majority of our connections to financial providers, we use a trusted service provider called Moneyhub Financial Technology. For further information about their security level, you can visit their website at

World class security

In order to protect your other personal info, like your phone number and email address we use world-class security practises to ensure that Lumio is a safe and secure service. 

We hold regular security audits and tests to challenge our protocols and to ensure that we avoid any vulnerabilities. In short, could your bank details be stolen from us? No.

Zero tolerance of breaches

Our policy is zero-tolerance on breaches. As soon as we find out that a breach has occurred we will:

  1. Evaluate the extent of the damage.

  2. Report it to the ICO.

  3. Let you know along with the necessary course of action.

You can find our ICO registration here [insert link to registration].

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