What is Lumio?
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Lumio is the most personalised app for you to manage your money.

By using open-banking technology, we can analyse your financial data for you, and make hyper-personalised savings recommendations to optimise your money.

You can use Lumio to:

  • Connect your accounts in one place

  • Get a complete picture of your spending, across all your accounts

  • See a breakdown of your spend by category

  • Track and reduce your recurring costs

  • Understand how your spending this month compares to your usual habits

  • Receive personalised savings recommendations and easily sweep money into your savings or investment accounts

  • Track changes in your net-worth over time

Lumio's mission is to be the most personalised finance app for people to control and grow their money and to create a world in which everyone has the financial security and peace of mind to decide their future.

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