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What happens when my subscription ends?
What happens when my subscription ends?
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Your subscription will end at the end of the billing period in two instances:

  • You cancel it yourself

  • We are unable to take payment, and the grace period has ended

If we are unable to take payment for whatever reason, users have 14 days to fix their billing account. After the 14 day grace period is over, your subscription will be automatically ended.

When your subscription ends following cancellation, the following things will happen:

  • You will lose access to the premium features that are part of your subscription plan

  • You will lose any data associated with the premium features (for example: your app will no longer display any offline accounts, and your custom cycle will reset to default)

  • You can still enjoy all Free Lumio features

If you have any more questions about what happens when your subscription period ends, please reach out via the in-app chat. We would love to help!

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