What are Offline Accounts?

What are Offline Accounts

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Offline accounts allow Lumio Pro and Premium customers to get a complete picture of their finances even when the connections are not available. Whether it is Adding the value of your property, a loan, a mortgage, or even a physical investment like a car.

Offline accounts help customers to get a full picture of your finances and a clear overview of your net worth as an individual and a couple. As a Lumio Pro or Premium member, you can add the value of everything you own to Lumio using Offline Accounts.

Adding an Offline Account to Lumio

  1. Head over to the Accounts tab

  2. Select 'Connect Account

  3. At the top of the Connect a provider screen, select “Add an Offline Account”

    1. If you're not a Lumio Pro or Premium customer, you can upgrade there.

  4. In the Add Offline Account screen

    1. Give your account a name, for example, if it's your house '25 Elm Road'

    2. Select your Account Type e.g. Property

    3. Add a balance or valuation

    4. Add a start date since you've had the account

    5. You can toggle on or off if it is a Joint account.

  5. Select Add Account

Please note: If it is a Mortgage or a loan, the balance will be displayed as a negative balance.

If you have more questions about Offline Accounts, head over to the in-app chat. We’d be happy to help!
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