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What is my Net Worth - Can I customise my graph?
What is my Net Worth - Can I customise my graph?
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Your Net Worth is the aggregated value of all the accounts you have connected to Lumio, including any offline accounts.

You can customise which accounts your net-worth graph includes. Just follow the steps below:

View and adjust your Net Worth

  • In the top left corner, tap in the Space dropdown and select the Space where you want to view your net worth.

  • Go to your 'Home' tab.

  • Below your Net Worth total - tap on 'All accounts'.

  • A 'Filter Accounts' pop-up should appear. Mark the accounts you want to include in your Net Worth.

  • Select 'Apply'

To get a clear picture of your Net Worth in your Shared Space with your Partner, you just need to link your accounts to your Shared Space first. Learn more about linking accounts here.

To see your net-worth data beyond 3-months, you’ll need to become a Lumio Pro or Premium member. See upgrade options here.

Have more questions about net worth? Message us via the in-app chat. We’d love to help!

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