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What is Money Manager?
What is Money Manager?
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Money Manager analyses your entire financial life across all accounts to provide AI-powered savings recommendations, so you can always set aside the right amount of money, at the right time.

In Money Manager, you can find:

  • Your Total Spend for the current cycle, and historic cycles

  • Your Everyday Spending, compared to your average spending. Learn more about Everyday Spending, here

  • Your Recurring Costs, so you always know what you’ve paid and what’s upcoming to discover your true balance. Learn more about Recurring Costs, here

  • All your Analytics, aggregated across all accounts. Learn more about Analytics, here

  • AI-powered Savings Recommendations

Money Manager is fully customisable:

  • Customise your cycle to suit your lifestyle. Find out more about Custom Cycles, here (exclusive to Lumio Pro & Premium members)

  • Edit which Accounts are used

  • Edit & change your Recurring Costs

  • Exclude transactions from Analytics & Everyday Spending

To get started with Money Manager, head over to the Money Manager tab at the bottom of the App. Drop us a message using the in-app chat if you have any questions - we’d love to help!

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