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What are my analytics?
What are my analytics?
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Full historical data within analytics is exclusive to Lumio Pro and Premium members. See upgrade options here.

Lumio Free users will see up to 3-months historical data in analytics.

Analytics in Lumio can show you what you spend your money on, across all your accounts.

To view them, go to Money Manager, and scroll down to "See what you spend on" and tap into "see all"

Here you can see:

  • The statistics graph, which shows your total income and spending. By tapping into the bars you can view a breakdown of each cycle.

  • A breakdown of your income and spending by category

    • This includes the % change to the previous cycle and the % of your total income/spending that each category makes up

By tapping into a category in the breakdown, you can see which transactions it's made up of.

You can also tap into the calendar in the top right corner to manually change the cycle you see the analytics for. By default, the cycle is the same as your Money Manager cycle.

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