Which connections are currently experiencing issues?
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Unfortunately, our connections depend on each provider having a reliable API for us to connect to. This isn't always the case, and sometimes our connections have downtime whilst we work with them to resolve it.

You can usually track those issues here but additional detail is below.

If you're experiencing an issue with a provider not listed here, please raise a bug in the in-app support chat.

Smile, Trading 212, Zopa and Metro Bank - all 4 of these connections are experiencing long-term and persistent issues, so we've switched them off in the app. We're working with the providers to resolve these, and as soon as they're fixed we'll add them back.

Connections no longer provided. For all of these, the provider has decided to stop providing any connection at all, so we are unable to add them back to Lumio. You'll need to add your balance as an offline account to maintain a complete picture of your net worth.

  • NS&I

  • Interactive Investor

  • Aegon Retiready

  • Halifax Loans and Mortgages

  • Lloyds Loans

  • Nest Pensions

  • Scottish Widows Mortgages and Workplace Pensions

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