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What are Shared Spaces
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Full visibility of everything you want, nothing more

Designed for couples that run a household together, but bank separately.

Get full visibility of all your finances to know where you stand, argue less and progress together. Without the hassle of spreadsheets or mental maths.

Spaces allow you to share your Space with another Lumio user, like your partner.

A Space lets you group your and your partner’s accounts, choose what you securely share and get shared visibility and total alignment on your financial life the way you want.

Benefits of Spaces

Here are the features and benefits of Spaces:

Spaces are free for all

Simple and simply free.

Every Lumio account has one personal Space as a default. And you can create more Spaces.

All your accounts, shared real-time in one place

Get shared visibility and total alignment with your partner. So you can make your next smart move as a team.

Choose what you share, securely

You decide which balances, bills & expenses you share. Keeping you both on the same page - without the faff of creating a joint account or manual ledgers like Splitwise.

Keep tabs on your shared finances

Track any household expense, from any account. Know where you stand, who contributed and what is owed. So you can settle up fairly and transparently - without mental maths.

Separate accounts, different views

In each Space, you can add different accounts and see analytics, categories, recurring costs and net worth, specific to those accounts.

Private and shared Spaces

You can decide if you want to keep a Space private or share it with your partner.

You can connect your child's or partner’s accounts in a Space separated from your own personal Space.

Shared Lumio Pro & Premium benefits

If you are on a Lumio Pro plan and invite another Lumio user to a shared Space, they will have access to some of the Lumio Pro features within that Space, even if they're not currently subscribed to Lumio Pro Premium plans.

Check out affordable Lumio Pro and Premium plans here with their key features.

Get started

Find all the information you need to get started below:

  • Create a Space

  • Edit a Space

  • Delete a Space

  • Remove member from a Space

  • Share a Space

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