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How to create a Shared Space
How to create a Shared Space
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Every Lumio account has one personal Space as a default.

To add a new Space:

  1. On any tab, tap on the dropdown top left (next to your profile picture or camera icon)

  2. Tap on the + New icon

  3. Enter your new Space name and tap Create Shared Space

  4. To invite your partner tap Invite Member (otherwise tap I’ll Do It Later)

  5. Tap the link icon and then Share Link to share the Space with your partner (through Whatsapp, Messenger, email or other channel)

  6. You’ll get a notification when your partner accepts your invitation - tap Got it

  7. Tap on all accounts you'd like to include in your new Space from those you’ve already connected to Lumio or tap Connect More Accounts to link accounts to Lumio and add them to the Space

  8. Once you’ve connected all the accounts you want, then tap Continue, which will load the accounts, data and analytics into your new Space

Finished! You will now be able to flick between your personal Space, and your newly created Space by tapping the dropdown top left corner of any tab (next to your profile picture or camera icon).

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